How to Create a Greeting Card Online

By Ainsley Patterson

Updated September 22, 2017

You can purchase expensive computer software that will allow you to create your own greeting cards for different occasions, such as Christmas or birthdays. You can spend hours at the craft store picking out decorative card stock and embellishments to make your own greeting cards. You can also make your own greeting cards online in a matter of minutes for just the cost of the paper that you print them on.

Go to the HP Creative Studio Greeting Card Maker website (linked in the Resources section below). Place your cursor over the "Project Types" button and select "Cards & Stationery" from the drop-down menu that appears. Select "Greeting Cards" from the list of options that appears. Check the "Free" box near the top of the page to weed out any cards that you will have to pay money for if you are looking for a free card.

Scroll through the greeting card options and select the one that you would like to create that says "Print at Home" beneath it. Click on the card to begin editing it.

Click " Import Photos" and select the photo or photos that you would like to include on the card from the files on your computer. Drag and drop the photo or photos onto the card in the indicated spaces once your photos are done uploading. You can do any editing that you need to the photos using the editing tools provided by clicking on the photo.

Edit the text field on the card by clicking inside the text box. Type your message. Then select your font style, size and color. Click "Accept."

Click "Preview and Print" when you are done editing your greeting card.

Follow the instructions provided on the next page to print your greeting card. The instructions provided by the website are specific to the greeting card that you have designed, so it is important that you follow them before attempting to print your greeting card. You may need a special type of printer paper or to change your printing preferences in order for your greeting card to print properly.


Make sure that you check to see what kind of paper you need to print your greeting card before you try to print it.