How to Create Your Own GTA 4 Character

By Jacob Stover

Updated September 22, 2017

i Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images News/Getty Images

When playing "Grand Theft Auto 4" online, you might have noticed that every player has a unique appearance different from that of the single player protagonists. This is because the multiplayer segments of GTA4 are entirely separate from the single-player campaign, using different characters and missions. To avoid confusion, every player is able to design their own avatar character to represent them during their time online. The character design can be changed at any time, and the creation process takes only a few minutes.

Load up your GTA4 game as normal. Access the multiplayer modes at any time while playing by simply pressing "Up" on the directional pad to access your character's cell phone.

Highlight and select "Multiplayer."

Select which multiplayer lobby you wish to enter: "Player Match," "Ranked," or "Party Mode." Finally, select from the 14 available multiplayer modes to initiate a multiplayer game search. You should be automatically prompted to create your appearance the first time you connect to an online game.

If you were not prompted to change your appearance, select "Multiplayer" from your in-game cellphone, and then select "Change Appearance".

Select your gender, race and clothing. When you are satisfied with your appearance, select "Confirm" to save your current look. You can unlock additional options for character customization by playing "Ranked" multiplayer games.