How to Connect My Laptop to My Cell Phone

By Jeremiah Blanchard

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • USB cable (or cable provided with the cell phone for PC connection)

  • Installation software

  • Cell Phone (with PC connection capability)

  • Laptop computer

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Today cell phones feature a wide variety of accessories, applications and functions. Features such as taking pictures with a cell phone camera, or downloading music and ring-tones are popular among many cell phone users. Connecting your phone to your laptop or desktop computer to download pictures or music is becoming a popular feature as well. Many times cell users upgrade plans and buy new phones; in this process they can lose their favorite pictures or music if they haven't downloaded them to their computer. Many phones now offer this feature with the use of a special USB cable and software.

Read your cell phone owner's manual or contact your service provider to see if your particular phone has the capability for a laptop connection. Many new phones now offer this feature; older phones may not.

Purchase the USB cable needed for connection to a laptop. These will be available through your cell phone provider or through the manufacturer of the phone. They must be able to fit the specific connection to your phone model.

Install any cell phone connection software that came with your phone to your laptop. A PC/cell phone connection disc may come with your phone when you purchase it. Many cell phone manufacturers also have installation software available online to download for free or for a small fee. Upload the installation software, and follow the instructions to complete installation.

Connect the appropriate cable to the cell phone and to the laptop after you have installed any software needed for this task. Cell phone models will vary in software instructions. Follow the instructions provided to you to download information or upload pictures or music.


Some newer model "smart-phones" are self-installing and do not require installation software to connect to a laptop. Ensure that you have the correct connection cable or connecting to a PC will be impossible.