How to Find Hidden Pictures

By Kefa Olang

Updated September 28, 2017

i Dynamic Graphics Group/Dynamic Graphics Group/Getty Images

By default, your Windows computer hides a number of files from Windows Explorer so that you do not accidentally modify or delete them. It is a feature that protects important files on your computer. Some of these files include hidden pictures. Windows enables you to view these files whenever you want. Once you enable this feature, you can locate the pictures you are looking for on your computer.

Click the Windows "Start" menu and click "My Computer." Click "Tools" on the menu and click "Folder Options."

Click the "View" tab. Scroll down and click the "Show Hidden Files and Folders" radio button. Uncheck the "Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommended)" check box. Uncheck the "Hide File Extensions for Known File Types" check box. Click "Apply" and click "OK" to save the changes. Enabling this option allows you to view hidden pictures on your computer.

Locate the folder containing the pictures you want to view. Alternatively you can also search for the hidden pictures. To do so, click the Windows "Start" menu and click "Search" to launch the search tool.

Click "All Files and Folders" on the left panel and click "More Advanced Options." Check the "Search Hidden Files and Folders" check box to increase the chances of locating the hidden pictures you are looking for. Type the names of the pictures and click "Search" to find where they're stored. If you do not know the full name of the picture file, type part of it and click "Search." The search tool displays the results on a panel after completing the search. Scroll through the list and locate the picture file you are looking for.


Hidden files appear dimmed compared to other files to indicate that they are not typical files. When you locate the hidden picture files you are looking for, do not modify or delete them because any changes could have a negative impact on your computer.