How to Set Up Guitar Hero on XBox 360

by Nick MilesUpdated September 22, 2017
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Guitar Hero is a very popular music simulator game available on the Xbox 360. It lets players use a guitar controller to play their favorite rock songs, turning gamers into virtual rock gods. The latest edition of Guitar Hero adds drums and a microphone into the mix, completing the entire band experience.

Set up the Guitar

Load 2 AA batteries into the back of the guitar controller.

Turn on the Xbox 360.

Press the "Sync" button on the Xbox 360 console and the "Sync" button on the guitar controller. The Ring of Light on the Xbox will spin green for a moment and then the guitar controller will be synced.

Set up the Drums

Insert 2 AA batteries into the drum deck.

Plug the foot pedal cable into the drum deck.

Turn on the Xbox 360 if it is not already on.

Press the "Sync" button the Xbox 360 console and the "Sync" button on the drum deck. The drum set will now be synced and ready to use.

Set up the Microphone.

Turn on the Xbox 360 if it is not already turned on.

Plug in the USB cable on the mic into the USB port on the Xbox 360.

The mic will automatically sync and will be ready to use.


Once the controllers are synced, you can use the guitar or drums to move around the in game menus. If you are using the microphone, you will have to use a regular Xbox 360 controller to move around the menus.

You can lefty flip the guitar in the options menu if you are left handed.


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