How to Upgrade an Elemental in RF Online

By Michelle Varsallona

Updated September 22, 2017

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In "RF Online," you can use different materials to upgrade almost any armor, weapon or accessory, including Elemental Accessories with attack, defense and dodge stats. The combination must be performed by a Hero NPC, a merchant who can be found in towns and cities.

Obtain an Elemental Accessory, which can be found on random enemies in the world.

Combine two High Gems with the accessory. Any gem will do. This will increase the probability of the transformation being successful.

Combine two Talics with the accessory. Different Talics also are only compatible with certain kinds of Elemental Accessories. Talics are yielded from ore in the game. Keen Talic is for the Attack stat, Favor Talic is for Defense and Mercy Talic is for Dodge. When both the High Gems and Talics are combined with the Elemental Accessory, it will yield the upgraded version.

You can repeat steps 1-3 as many as five times.


Elemental Accessories can by upgraded until level 30.

If you are upgrading an accessory with only one base ability (if the accessory only has the attack stat or the defense stat), only that ability will be upgraded.