Wii Ultimate I Spy Game Cheats

By Adam Tavangaran

Updated September 22, 2017

i Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

"Ultimate I Spy" for Nintendo Wii was developed by Elastic, the entertainment publishing division of Scholastic Interactive. At the start of the game, players find themselves in a room with an odd-looking machine. Players must perform a cranking motion with the Wii remote to get the machine started. Essentially, the machine will continue providing new maps that will challenge players to find specific objects. These objects are identified by riddles that are unique to each map--some of these objects are quite difficult to find.


The beginning of the game starts off in an aquarium tank. The majority of the aquarium level is easy since it is the first level. One difficult riddle asks players to find the three dice. The first die is right by the bridge in the middle of the aquarium. The second die can easily be seen from the back of the tank when you look at the ledge with the eel. The last die is by the pillar toward the front of the map.

Magic Scene

The magic scene has two hard riddles to solve. One of the riddles instructs players to find three pins. This is a tricky task as two of the pins are safety pins and one is a bowling pin. The safety pins are floating and the bowling pin can be found on the left side of the level.

The other challenging riddle has players try and locate four rabbits. The most frustrating rabbit to find is the one hidden in the shadow by the red curtain. The other is pictured on the playing card and the last two rabbits are stuffed rabbit dolls.

Science Classroom

One of the riddles players need to solve in the science classroom involves finding a bone. The bone is on the front edge of the table towards the middle of the map.

Skip Through Talking Scenes

Throughout the game, the character you choose (either a boy or girl) will begin talking. To stop them from talking and skip through the scene, simply place the mouse pointer on the words and click the item you are supposed to get. The character will then stop talking.