How to Install HP Printers Without a CD

by Emily McNairUpdated September 28, 2017
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Printers are a useful device to have at home, and HP is a popular printer manufacturer whose products can be purchased at almost any large store. HP printers come in a variety of formats, and generally come with installation CD's. These CD's contain the software and device drivers required to have the printer communicate with the computer in order to work properly. Upon installation of the software and drivers you can configure your print settings and run a trial test to ensure the printer is working properly. However, if you need to re-install the printer and cannot locate the CD's, you can generally locate the drivers and required software online at the HP's website.

Locate the model number of your HP printer. Generally the model number of your HP printer can be located on the front left hand side of your printer.

Navigate to the HP website. On the home page of the website, in the left hand navigation menu, select the "Printers & All In Ones" hyperlink.

Scroll halfway down the page on the Printers & All In Ones page and select the "Software and Drivers" link from the right hand navigation menu. This link will be located under the subheading titled Award-Winning Support.

Enter your printer model number in the text area and hit the Enter button on your keyboard. On the next page a prompt will ask you to select your operating system.

Identify and download the software you need from the list that is populated. You will be presented with Driver, Update, and Utility software. For installation purposes you will only need the Driver software. Click on the appropriate links to download and save the software to your computer.

Follow the prompts in the installation wizard to properly install and configure the device drivers for your HP printer. Once the installation is complete, try and print a document as a trial run to ensure that your printer is functioning properly.


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