How to Play Original Mario Games on Wii

by Deanna KochUpdated September 22, 2017
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As the owner of a Nintendo Wii, you are able to play and enjoy all the new Wii games, but you also have access to just about every original Nintendo game that has ever been released. Whether you prefer Super Mario 64, Super Mario Bros. for NES or one of the many other Mario games, you will be able to purchase, download and play it, all on your Wii.

Playing Original Mario on Wii

Connect your Nintendo Wii to your home Internet connection.

Navigate to the Wii shop channel and choose Virtual Console.

Perform a search for Mario using the Title search.

Choose which one of the classic Mario games you'd like to purchase, and click "download."

Once downloaded, your new Mario game will appear in your Wii main menu.


If you need assistance connecting your Wii to the Internet, visit the Nintendo website. If you see a game you'd like but don't have enough points, simply go back a couple screens and add points using a credit card.


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