Games to Play on Your PC That Don't Have to Be Downloaded

By Amber D. Walker

Updated September 22, 2017

There are thousands of games available on the Internet for free that don’t have to be downloaded. They play in your browser, and are usually designed to run with some version of the Flash browser plugin. These games are available from nearly every game genre, from puzzle and arcade to RPGs and strategy.

Metal Slug Flash

This flash version of a classic series of arcade games stars you as a commando that must travel through the jungle, rescuing prisoners from the enemy with an assortment of weapons and vehicles. The game instruction are in Japanese, but the game page includes an English translation.

Vector Tower Defense

This abstract tower defense game requires you to build a series of towers along the sides of a path that monsters will travel down. There are a total of 15 towers, each with a different cost and power, and they will attack the monsters as they pass. Your goal is to prevent the monsters from reaching the end of the path. For each monster that can get through your defenses, you will lose one of your 20 lives. Once your lives are gone, the game is over and your score is tallied.

Samorost 1 & 2

In this cartoon adventure game you must guide your character around an alien world, trying to find a way to prevent a collision between this strange new world and his home world. The player must solve puzzles as he navigates a series of screens.


This puzzle game requires you to set off a chain reaction of explosions to blow up as many of the balls as possible. To pass each level, the player must destroy a minimum number of balls using only a single explosion. The game is essentially the classic Missile Command arcade game as a puzzle game.

Dice Wars

This Risk-like strategy game is fought with dice instead of army men. When battles occur, the number of dice rolled to resolve the battle is equal to the number of dice in the attacking and defending countries, with the total of the roll determining the victor. The winner gets to keep all the dice used in the battle. The loser loses all dice. At the beginning of his turn, each player receives a number of reinforcement dice equal to his largest number of adjacent territories, making it important in the game to hold territory once it has been taken and connect any isolated territories.