How to Send Games to Your Nintendo DS With Your Computer

By Nick Grimes

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Internet-enabled Windows PC with Ralink RT2500 chipset-based wireless card

  • Original documentation and drivers for your wireless card

  • Nintendo DS

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The easiest way to download game demos is from a participating Nintendo DS Download station, but there are programs you can download to turn your own computer into a temporary download station in the home. You can then try demo games before you buy the full versions.

Check your wireless card's compatibility with the software you will be installing. Your wireless card will be using a Ralink RT2500 based chipset. Check your wireless card's compatibility in the device documentation, and keep the documentation and drivers handy.

Download the Nintendo DS wireless drivers. A download link for these drivers can be found in the "Resources" section. Unzip the drivers to a convenient location. Download the Wireless Multiboot application, which will allow your PC to send files to your DS. Unzip the application to a convenient directory.

Open your PC's Device Manager within the Control Panel's Hardware section. Find your wireless card and right-click on it to select the "Update driver" wizard. Rather than connecting to Windows Update, instruct the Wizard to update the drivers from the directory where the DS drivers are unzipped. Click on "winxp" and then "i386" to specify the drivers. Select "Ok."

Download the software to be run on your Nintendo DS. A sample list of downloadable Nintendo DS demo software can be found in the Resources section. Rename the downloaded software "demo.nds" and move to Wireless Multiboot's "data" folder. Right click the Wireless Multiboot application (wmb.exe) and create a shortcut. Right click this shortcut and add "-data demo.nds" to the end of the text in the "Target" box. Click "Ok" and double click the shortcut.

Turn on your Nintendo DS and select "DS Download Play." Select the demo you have chosen to download. When you have successfully downloaded demos via DS Download Play, remember to reinstall your original wireless drivers.