Ideas for Retirement Banners

By Daniel Ketchum

Updated September 15, 2017

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If a coworker or employee will be retiring from his position soon and his colleagues or the firm want to give him a proper send off, creating a custom banner to be displayed at his retirement party is a great way to let him know how much he will be missed. Coming up with the perfect idea for creating a customized banner that the retiree and guests will enjoy isn't as hard as it may seem.

Signature Banner

One way to let the retiree know that he will be missed is to have the staff write personal messages on a white banner. You can either use markers or, using a drawing tablet, allow each staff member to sign it and have it printed by a print shop or online printing company. Make sure the document meets the dimension and format requirements of the company printing it. Also, when creating a banner, keep in mind that you should allow for a border.

Funny Banner with Photos

If you have a few photos of the retiree taken over the years while on the job, then creating a banner retrospective is a terrific retirement banner idea. You can even create a funny banner with moments of the retiree being a bit less than perfect, such as nodding off or woofing down a hoagie in the company lounge during lunch hour. As long as it's done in a lighthearted and friendly spirit it could be a real highlight to the retirement party festivities.

Straight Forward Message

Of course, a straight forward approach would be to offer a heartfelt felicitation to your colleague on his retirement banner. You can use a good graphics program like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP (freeware) to design a unique banner that expresses sentiments of co-workers and the company in wishing the retiree the best as he begins this new phrase of his life. If you are unfamiliar with graphic programs, you can either have a design service design your banner or you could create a basic banner design using a simpler and more user-friendly program like Microsoft Office's Paint program. If you design your own banner, remember to save it as a high-resolution JPEG and burn a copy on a disc to take to the printer you've selected. Alternately, you can upload your banner design to an online printing service like CafePress that prints banners.