How to Transfer Pictures From a MicroSD Card to a PC

by Traci JoyUpdated September 28, 2017
David Paul Morris/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Items you will need

  • Micro SD card

  • SD card adapter

A micro SD card allows you to increase the storage space for photos on your compatible device. While many larger electronics, such as digital cameras, use the standard SD cards, the micro SD cards are designed for items that have less physical space, such as cell phones. If you use your camera a lot, your photo storage capacity can fill up quickly, and you will want to transfer your photos to your computer to save them. This can be done in a few simple steps.

Remove the Micro SD card from the device by gently pressing it inward until you feel it click and release.

Withdraw the Micro SD card, and insert it into a Micro SD card adapter, and insert the adapter into a standard SD card reader.

Make sure the computer is turned on and insert the card reader into a USB port on your computer. If you have a built-in card reader on your computer, enter it there.

You will get a pop-up on your computer asking you what you want to do with the data on the card, such as what file you would like the data transferred to, or if you would simply like to view the data. Make your selection, and press "OK." The pictures will transfer to your desired location.


When you reinsert the Micro SD card back into your camera, use the delete feature to erase any pictures on it that you no longer need.


Always delete the photos from your SD card from your camera, rather than your computer. This will make sure that your card remains compatible with your camera.

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