How to Find the Start Up Menu in Windows

by Isaiah TurningUpdated September 28, 2017
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The start-up configuration menu in Windows allows you to select programs that you would like to start up when your computer is powered on. According to, an overcrowded start-up list is a common cause of slow computers. When your computer has to start fewer programs and services, the system can initiate itself quicker. You can quickly locate and use the start-up configuration menu any time you need to adjust the programs that start with your computer.

Log on to your computer using an account with administrative privilege and access.

Click your "Start" menu and select "Run." In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, select "Accessories" and then select "Run."

Type "msconfig" into the "Run" box. Click "OK." If you are using User Account Control in Windows 7 and Windows Vista, you may be prompted to allow the action. Click "Continue" to allow the action.

Select the "Startup" tab to reveal the start-up menu. From the "Startup" tab, select the programs to enable or disable at start-up.

Click "Apply" to apply your settings and click "OK" to close the start-up configuration menu. You can choose to restart your computer immediately or restart later after applying new start-up settings.


Use the start-up configuration menu to disable programs that you do not need to start up with your computer, like instant messengers, game tools or other software.


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