How to Play Games for Gift Cards & Prizes

By Mandi Rogier

Updated September 15, 2017

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Online games are a popular way to pass the time. Fans of the classics such as solitaire, mah jong and freecell can now indulge in playing their favorite games while earning a little bonus. Many online game sites offer incentives for playing games. For each game you play, you earn tokens, coins or treats which can later be redeemed for entries into exciting prize drawings for items such as cash, electronics, gift cards and more.

Select one of the many online game sites that offer prizes for playing. A few good sites to begin with are, and Create an account at your selected site, or create accounts at several and spread out your prize entries.

Review the procedures for winning cash and gift cards. At GreatDayGames, you are rewarded with “treats” for doing well in their games. At IWON you earn coins for playing eligible games and with Pogo you earn tokens. Your treats, coins or tokens can then be traded in for entries in prize drawings.

Play your favorites games to earn treats, coins or tokens. Save up your earnings as needed to enter the drawings for prizes you’re most interested in.

Browse the prize offerings and submit your entries. IWON and Pogo offer monthly and weekly cash sweepstakes. IWON also offers an annual giveaway while Pogo rounds out its offerings with a small daily cash prize. GreatDayGames is the place to go for gift cards and other prizes such as downloadable games.


Select one prize that you’re most interested in and focus on earning the points needed to submit multiple entries and increase your chances of winning.