How to Make Tons of Money on World Winner

By Kimberly A. Smith

Updated September 22, 2017

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World Winner is a cash gaming site that allows you to win money by playing games such as Bejeweled, Hearts and Bookworm online. You deposit money into your World Winner account using PayPal or a credit card and can use it for a large number of games. Each game played also earns you bonus points that can be redeemed for rewards, including more game credit or gift cards to popular stores. There are many skilled players on World Winner, so it can be challenging to earn tons of money, but it is possible.

Sign up for World Winner through a rewards site such as MyPoints or SendEarnings. These types of sites give rewards for every dollar played on World Winner, increasing the amount of cash or prizes you can earn.

Play the free, warm-up versions of games before jumping into the cash competitions. Continue to practice each skill level until you regularly beat your opponent.

Select two to three games that you really enjoy to play for cash. Focusing on a few games will allow you to improve and learn the best strategies for winning.

Begin with the lowest entry fee games, typically 75 cent competitions. These smaller contests pit just two players against each other, increasing the odds of success.

Use the "Win it now" feature sparingly. "Win it now" allows you to buy out the remaining spots in a competition and claim the prize. However, if there are too many open spots, you will wind up losing money this way. Consider your score and the number of spots remaining before selecting this option.

Play the free games each day. On the main screen is a link to the free play option of the day, which can be played twice. This gives you 20 free points per day, as well as a chance to win cash prizes.

Join the Premier Club, if possible. World Winner’s Premier Club offers extra free games, a discount in the Reward Store and a monthly multiplier for bonus points. These incentives can lead to extra free game credits, allowing you to increase your earnings without risking your own money.

Withdraw your initial deposit from your account once you have doubled your money. This way, even if you wind up on a losing streak. you will not have lost any of your initial investment. Continue to withdraw an amount equal to your deposit every time you double that amount.


Try some of World Winner's other competition formats, such as the ladder. You pay one entry fee and challenge players up a ladder, with increasing prize payouts.


Set a limit that you can afford. World Winner competitions are a form of gambling and there is always a risk you will lose. Don't continue to deposit money if you have lost your limit.

Remember that winnings are taxable, so set aside some earnings to cover the tax liability.