How Do I Get a Copy of My Sprint Text Messages?

By Nicole Floyd

Updated September 28, 2017

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Keeping copies of text messages sent or received from Sprint cell phones on a cellular phone plan can be important in business or personal matters. Some cell phones allow you to forward messages to an email account to preserve a copy. However, without this option to forward messages, getting copies of your messages at a later date becomes a difficult undertaking.

Sprint Corporation Policies on Text Messages

Due to Sprint's privacy policies, the company is severely limited on what information it can provide on the text messages sent or received to cell phones on a given account. The number of text messages sent and received is the only information readily available from Sprint.

According to a customer service representative, Sprint's Corporate Security Group will require a notarized letter from the person requesting the text messages, verifying that he is an account holder, before Sprint can provide additional details about those messages. The person requesting copies of the text messages will be directed to their local law enforcement agency to receive the actual content.

Contact Your Local Law Enforcement Office

Obtaining the content of text messages sent on a Sprint cellular phone plan is a legal matter. You must contact your local law enforcement office and adhere to the agency's individual procedures, according to Sprint customer service, in order to obtain copies of your Sprint text messages.