How to Block Online Gaming Sites

By Jordan Gaither

Updated September 22, 2017

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While a source of entertainment for many, online gaming sites can slow down your computer quite a bit, causing frustration. If you have a computer that you don't want open to online gaming sites, then you might be looking for a way to block them. Fear not; this can be done pretty easily. With a basic knowledge of computers and a little instruction, you can prevent online gaming sites from making an appearance on your computer.

This can be accomplished by purchasing third-party software designed specifically to block certain websites. Since such software can be hacked or circumvented, however, we'll focus on methods readily available to every PC owner.

Close all open windows, including all Internet windows. Have a list of the websites you'd like to block handy, in root form. For example, you should write down \"\" and not \"\".

Click on \"Start\" and then \"Run.\" Type the following into the command box:

notepad C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

A notepad window will open with some lines of code and text in it. At the bottom, add this:

Add as many sites as you would like to block, and then save the file as it is by going to \"File\" and then \"Save.\" Your computer should now be blocking the websites you've specified.

Check each of the websites in turn to make sure that the block is working correctly. If a website is not being blocked, return to the log of websites and make sure that the web address is spelled correctly.


Include all parts of a website's address, including the \"www\" and the correct ending (\".com,\" \".net,\" etc.).


The website log is part of the internal workings of your computer. If you're unsure about any message that pops up while tampering with this file, consult an expert before continuing.