How to Access Winamp Album Art

By Jacob Workman

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Winamp 5.56

  • Music file

  • Album picture

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Winamp is a free media player with features such as support for various audio formats--MP3, AU, AAC--and video formats--MMV, MPEG, AVI. You can also use it to host an Internet radio program.

Winamp displays album cover art as a song plays. However, sometimes music doesn't have an album cover, or it isn't registered with the album cover. There are a couple different ways to access and edit album cover art.

Accessing and Editing Winamp Album Art

Open Winamp and load a music file by either clicking the "Add" button in the lower left corner of the Playlist Editor or clicking on "File," then "Play File" on your Winamp player.

Open your Media Library. Click on "View", then "Media Library." A window will pop up that you can move to the bottom of your player or wherever you like

Click "File" on the Media Library window then "Add Media Library" if you have no music. Go to the music files that are on your computer, click the folder, then click "Add." You may have to do this multiple times if you have music files in separate folders.

Double click on the music files in your Media Library. The song will display album art, if there is any, and song information. If there's no art, highlight the song by clicking on it in the Playlist Editor, right click, then "View File Info"--you can also use the shortcut Alt+3.

Click on the "Artwork" tab. Search for a cover by clicking "Download Artwork", then "Search." If there's no art then click the "Load Artwork" button.

Browse your files for the image, open the file, then click "OK."

Close and reopen the Media Library to see the changes or right click the image placeholder and click "Refresh Album Art."


A shortcut to search for album art via your Media Library: Right click on the llama placeholder, and then "Get Album Art"--this will only search for art, not upload it. Also, you can copy the image to your clipboard from the Internet, right click the placeholder, then "Open Folder". Then you can paste the image into the album folder.

Another shortcut is to browse to where the cover art is on your computer, copy the file, then paste the file into the folder where the music is. Make sure you name the file cover.jpg so it will recognize the image.


Winamp still does not show album art in streaming music. Only when playing individual files.