How to Program Multiple Wii Remotes

By Mia Faller

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Will console

  • Wii sensor bar

  • Minimum of two Wii remotes with batteries

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Every Nintendo Wii console comes with a Wii remote that you use to as your game controller. Each game uses the motion-sensitive Wii remotes in different ways to interact with the game you are playing. You can consult the individual game’s manual for specific game instructions. Syncing multiple remotes to your Wii console will allow you and your friends to play multiplayer games. An additional Wii remote can be synced to your console permanently, or you can sync your remote to a friend’s console temporarily.

Turn on your TV and Wii console. With your TV displaying your Wii main menu, test your Wii remote that is already synced to your console by pointing your remote at the sensor bar and waving the remote. The hand on your TV screen should respond with your Wii remote movements.

Lift the cover on the front of your Wii console (beneath the "reset" button) to expose the red sync button. The sync button allows your Wii console to recognize a Wii remote that is attempting to sync with the console.

Press the sync button on your console. You only need to press the sync button for a couple of seconds before the Wii sync signal will become active.

Take the Wii remote and turn it on over so that the trigger and battery cover are facing you.

Use your finger to press the release tab up and lift the battery cover from the remote. It is important to lift from the release tab to avoid damaging the battery cover.

Press the red sync button in the lower right corner of your Wii remote beneath the battery holder. Replace the battery cover. Pressing the sync button will make the four player-indicator lights flash, indicating that your console and remote are syncing. Nintendo notes that once the player lights stop blinking, the syncing process is complete.


If your Wii remote is not being recognized by your system, check the remote batteries to ensure that they are working. If your primary Wii remote batteries are working properly, a blue light will be displayed in the square box on the left-most bottom side on the top of your remote. If no lights are displayed or blink when you press the power button, switch out the batteries for new ones.

Your sensor bar should be placed just below or above your TV to ensure that the signal from your Wii remote is properly transmitted to your console.

An additional Wii remote can be synced to your console permanently or you can sync your remote to a friend’s console temporarily using One Time Mode Synchronization.