How Do I Sync the Guitar Hero Guitar With a Wii?

By Jacob Stover

Updated September 22, 2017

i Scott Barbour/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Players of Guitar Hero for Wii are often initially baffled by how to properly set up the instrument peripherals. Unlike the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, Guitar Hero for Wii does not use a separate controller port for its instruments. Instead the Nintendo Wii Remotes are connected to the casing of the guitar, which are linked to the system through a wireless connection. Once you have properly synced up the Wii remote, you'll be ready to rock through your favorite songs without any troubles.

Setting Up

First you'll want to turn on your Wii gaming console. Make sure it is properly connected to both your television, and the Wii sensor bar. Turn on your Wii remote. If it is properly synced, you will see a single blue LED light at the bottom of the remote which designates which controller you are using. If you are using only one Wii remote, the left-most LED light should be lit. If the Wii remote is not properly synced, you will need to remove the battery backing of the remote. Behind the battery cover, you will see a small red button. This is the "sync" button. On the front of the Wii console, next to the SD card clot, is another "sync" button for the console itself. First press the "sync" button on the Wii console, then press the "sync" button on the Wii remote. All four LED lights on the button of the Wii remote should flash for a few seconds before it connects to the Wii console. Once your Wii remote properly syncs with the system, only a single LED light will remain lit at the bottom of the controller.

Playing the Game

Insert the Guitar Hero disc into the Wii console. Select the Guitar Hero channel from the Wii menu and start the game. Insert your properly synced Wii remote into the back of the guitar controller. Once the game starts up, your guitar controller should automatically work with the game. If your controller ever becomes unsynced during play, simply remove the battery cover from the back of the Wii remote and follow the syncing directions above to return the connection to normal.