How to Retract Feedback on eBay

By Victoria Bailey

Updated September 15, 2017

i Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Feedback is the method by which eBay rates its buyers and sellers. It is a user generated rating system in which every transaction is graded by both parties. Without good feedback, a seller won't be in business for long, so a seller's feedback number is extremely valuable. Sometimes, due to misunderstandings, buyers leave the incorrect feedback. There is a method to fix this problem, if both buyer and seller are in agreement.

Contact your buyer and discuss the situation, making sure that all issues have been resolved. Let her know that you will be requesting a feedback revision through eBay, and they she will be getting an email from eBay about this revision. Ensure that she is in agreement and will revise your feedback as you wish.

Contact eBay to request a feedback revision. You are allowed five of these for every 100 transactions that you make. Explain the circumstances of this transaction, and any actions that you have taken to resolve the issues. Add that the buyer will be expecting this action.

Wait for eBay to email the revision request to the buyer. The buyer has ten days to revise your feedback, and will get a reminder after seven days if he has not taken action yet. If he does not revise the feedback after ten days, then nothing more can be done on this issue.


If you are a buyer and have left the incorrect feedback, the only way that you can change this feedback is by contacting the seller and having her do a feedback revision request. The seller always has to begin this process, no matter who was at fault in this issue.