How to Fix a Button on a PSP

By Joshua Bailey

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Small Phillips screwdriver

  • Paper clip/cotton swabs

  • PSP replacement button pack

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A broken PSP button can become an annoying problem that will prevent you from playing those games, movies and music. The great news is that it is such an easy fix, it should take you less than half an hour to complete the entire process. So, instead of sending that PSP back to Sony and incurring high repair fees, sit back, and fix this PSP yourself. This will get your PSP back from paperweight status to the powerful portable media device that it once was.

Fixing a PSP Button

Turn off your PSP and remove the battery cover and battery from the back side of the device. To remove the faulty button, you need to remove the PSP cover to gain access to all of them. Remove the two screws located underneath the battery. On the opposite side of where the battery was, remove two more screws. The last screw is located on the bottom edge of the PSP. Place the five screws aside, careful not to lose them.

Grasp the PSP firmly from the front and the back with each hand. Pull gently but deliberately to remove the PSP cover. It will come off quite easily. Place to the side with the screws.

Locate the button that is not working properly. A lot of times, PSP buttons begin to stick because of the normal wear and tear of playing your PSP. Residue builds up between the cover and the buttons.

Take a paper clip or cotton swab and slide it around the buttons, breaking up any residue that may be preventing the button from working properly. Do the same thing on the PSP cover around the holes where the buttons stick out of. Once you have the buttons and the cover clean, turn on the PSP without placing the cover back on. Test the button out by running one of your games. If it still does not work, you need to replace the button completely.

Replace the cover and screws if your button now works, and get back to playing those games, movies and music.

Replacing a PSP Button

Make sure your PSP is off, and remove the cover, following the steps in the first section. Locate the button that is not working properly.

Remove the button or buttons that are not functioning properly. To do this, you merely have to grab each individual one and lightly lift up until it pops off. Replace it with the new button you have purchased.

Place the cover back onto the PSP, and tighten all of the screws to secure the cover. Put the battery back in, and reattach the battery cover. Turn on your PSP, and test out your new button.


You can also spray canned air underneath the PSP buttons to remove any of the residue that has built up.