Twinkle Revue 2 Cheats

By Nick Grimes

Updated September 22, 2017

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Twinkle Revue: Sim Date 2 is a fan-made flash game in the "virtual date" genre. Players assume the role of a new employee at an obscure music company on a remote island, struggling to make a living and impress a bevy of anime ladies. There are a host of codes that can be used to speed the game along or overcome a difficult section.

Inputting Cheats

All cheat codes must be entered when creating a character in Twinkle Revue. Under the "Player Name" section is a "Cheats" section. Input the cheat code by typing or copy-and-paste from a list. When the code has been entered, press Next. A chime will sound and you will be taken to the next page. To input more than one cheat code, simply press "Back" until all the desired codes have been activated.

Ability Buff Codes

These cheat codes will up your Sim Date 2 character's abilities further than the game would normally allow. For 100 in all abilities, enter the code "inamedthem4theirhair." The code "abadeeabadai" will give you 150 energy and "bitchybuthot" will give maximum strength and $5000 cash. Max out magic with 120 points by typing "rosescentisplayedout", or get 90 magic, 90 intellect and 20 woks with "arisearoseareering." For 100 magic and 10 pearls type the sound advice: "gingercureshangovers."

Surprises, Pictures, Dress Ups

Surprise the Twinkle Revue girls or get access to pictures and dress-up minigames with these cheat codes. Surprise Scarlet with "scarletsilkstalkings" or Hazel with "hazelisgreenish." Dress ups for Crystal, Violet and Ginger can be unlocked by typing "pyroanimenia," "liketotallyviolet" or "finalbeerginvodka" respectively. A gallery of pictures of Rose can be opened with the cheat code "4rosycheeks."

Other Bonuses

These codes grant bonus items to help your game of Sim Date 2. Ten flowers will be given with the code "ududlrlrbaslctstrt." Ten MP3 players will be granted with "hazelnutsarethebest," and 20 guns are unlocked with "crystalclearblue." Finally, unlock all moves with "doitdoitnow."