Instructions for Dymo Letratag

By Alexis Writing

Updated September 28, 2017

Dymo was established in 1958 in California and grew to a global company that produces a wide range of products, including the Dymo LetraTag. The company was acquired in 2005 by Rubbermaid and continues to expand its horizons by expanding its product line, while remaining true to the initial objective of creating products for the office, warehouse, home and school environments to make people’s jobs a little easier. The LetraTag, one such product, is a simple-to-use label maker.

What the Dymo LetraTag Is

The Dymo LetraTag is a small handheld electronic label maker. The Letratag differs from many other label makers because it does not use print cartridges. Dymo believes this makes the product easier to use. Instead of installing print cartridges, simply follow the steps outlined in the manual and below to begin printing labels for any item you need to label.

Operating Steps

Before you can print a label, you need to put the batteries in your LetraTag. Most models require six AA batteries. Open the battery door on the back of the label maker and put the batteries in, paying attention to the proper polarity as you insert them. Close the cover after you have inserted the batteries.

Insert the cassette after inserting the batteries. This is the tape that the labels actually print on. There are different kinds available, depending on what you plan to stick the label to, so make sure you buy the right kind. You can insert the cassette by opening the cassette door and then placing it inside, pressing gently in the middle until you hear it click. Once both of these things are done, turn on the machine using the red power button on top of the unit.

Additional Steps

After powering on the unit, you can type your label using the included keyboard. You will be able to see what you type on the digital screen as you do so. Once you put the information in and the label looks the way you want it, press "Print" and the label will begin to print. Use the cutter button, located on top of the device, adjacent to the digital screen, to detach the label from the unit. This button has a picture of scissors on it, so you will be able to find it easily. Do not pull on the label until you have pressed the cut button to detach it, as this can cause excess label to unravel from the cartridge, wasting the cartridge. Once your label is printed and cut, attach it to whatever you need to label.


If you do not plan to use the Dymo LetraTag frequently, remove the batteries after use and put them in again when you need them. Batteries left inside a label maker can corrode, damaging the machine.