How to Watch Tagalog Movies Online

by ContributorUpdated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • computer

  • high speed internet connection

  • movie sites

So you love watching movies? And I think you're reading this because you want to know how to watch Tagalog movies online, specially if there's new release Tagalog movies that you've been dying to watch.

Read on and learn few tips on how to watch Tagalog movies using your computer, with no software to download, just free movies.

Search engines are usually the first destinations on searching for Tagalog movies online. Either type for the movie you want to watch or search for "Tagalog movies online" on the search box. However, searching for movie titles will usually bring you to movie reviews or trailers.

Some movie players will require you to download a software, or upgrade your website membership to be able to watch the full movie. You don't have to, and doesn't need to do this, but it's your choice.

Also you would come across some websites that the only thing it requires for you to access the Tagalog movie gallery is a registration. These sites are usually free sites, so there's no harm on creating an account with them. There are good websites on the web where you could watch free Tagalog movies online uploaded by fellow Filipinos.

Visit Youtube website and try to search for Tagalog movies. However, full Tagalog movies hosted on Youtube are usually deleted because of copyright infringement, and you would find that most are only trailers. You're lucky if you come across a video that will point you on where to watch for free.

Visit Tagalog movie websites like Pinoyfanatics, Sinemanila, You-Vies, and AngatPhilippines (these are just few. See resources at the bottom for links.) You can watch free Tagalog movies from these sites without downloading anything. Pinoyfanatics has few list of newly release movies like "Patient X" and "Ang Darling Kong Aswang." However, as it is free, the videos are not as clear as when you are watching it on your own television.

Make sure that you had a high speed internet connection, or else the video will just frequently stop. Let the video load first when it buffers a lot or find an alternate movie link or site.


Don't click any suspicious pop ups. Be patient when movie loads. Stop wining about the video quality, when you're watching for free. Be thankful that someone had a time to put it there so others can watch. It is advisable that you had your anti virus enabled when browsing online. You do not know when a site has viruses or not.


It is advisable that you had your anti virus enabled when browsing online. You do not know when a site has viruses or not.

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