How to Use an SD Card in an HP Laptop

By Tammy Clevenger

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • HP laptop computer with SD card reader (built-in or peripheral)

  • SD card

Many models of HP laptops are equipped with SD card readers built into the body of the laptop. Even if the HP laptop does not have an SD card reader, a USB card reader is an inexpensive way to read SD cards on an HP laptop. Many models of USB card reader peripherals are available for under $20.

Locate the SD card reader on the HP laptop, if provided. On many HP laptops, the SD card reader is a tiny slot on the side of the machine, just under the left hand rest. If using a USB peripheral card reader, plug the USB device into a free USB port on the HP laptop.

Insert the SD card into the card reader. Windows will assign the SD card a drive letter.

Right-click the Windows “Start” button, and then select “Explore” from the context menu to open Windows Explorer.

Navigate to the SD card in Windows Explorer.

Copy and save files to the SD card to test.


SD cards must be formatted with a special formatting software, the SD Formatter provided free of charge by the SD Card Association website.