How Can I Pay Via PayPal With Two Credit Cards?

By Aaron Wardell

Updated September 28, 2017

PayPal is a useful service for transferring money between two parties. It's the standard payment method for eBay transactions and is supported by thousands of online retailers. When buying goods online through PayPal, paying with two or more credit cards can be difficult, but not impossible.


PayPal works as a third party to verify and provide safety for financial transactions. The user buying a product transfers money to PayPal, which in turn transfers it to the seller. Paypal acts as an intermediary and offers varying degrees of protection from fraud and seller abuse. PayPal also takes a small percentage of each transaction as a fee. When customers set up a PayPal account, they usually enter their bank account information and sometimes one (or more) credit cards as identity confirmation or back-up funding source. PayPal uses your bank and credit cards to fund your payments or transfer balances in your PayPal account.

Paying with Credit Cards

When you purchase goods or services online with PayPal, the check-out screen allows you to log into your account, choose your payment method and send your payment to complete the transaction. By default, PayPal includes any outstanding balance in your account as part of the payment to be sent. You can change this by selecting "more funding options" (or a similar option) and change the amounts you want use from your existing PayPal balance, bank or credit cards. Unfortunately, you cannot select more than one credit card to pay with.

Paying with Multiple Credit Cards

PayPal will not allow you to spread your payment across multiple credit cards. But if you want to, you could look at a few alternatives. If you're buying on eBay, contact the seller and inform him or her you'd like to pay for the item with two or more separate payments. Explain your situation; most eBay sellers will be happy to accommodate you. You can also use your credit card to transfer money to your bank account (through a cash advance or similar transaction), then use a combination of your bank and credit card to pay for the item.