How to Convert Karaoke to MIDI

By Tammy Clevenger

Updated September 22, 2017

Converting a karaoke file to a MIDI file is very easy. For most audio conversions, an audio conversion utility is required. However, because karaoke files with the file extension of .kar are actually midi files, simply renaming the file extension will convert the file from a karaoke to a midi file. Just a few simple steps are required for this quick conversion.

Right-click on the karaoke (.kar) file to convert to the midi format.

Select “Rename” from the context menu.

Type a new name plus the new extension of .mid between double quotes into the input box. For example, to name the new file type “New”, type “new.mid” into the input box.

Click “OK” to save the new file name and extension. The file has now been converted to the midi format.

Test the file by playing in a compatible midi player.


Be sure to have the “Show Hidden Folders and Files” option enabled in Windows Explorer. To do this, click “Tools” from the top navigation bar in Windows Explorer, and then click “Folder Options”. Click the radio box next to “Show Hidden Folders and Files.” Click “OK" to save.