Cheats & Codes for GTA San Andreas on PS2

By Matthew Anderson

Updated September 22, 2017

“Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” is the eighth game released by Rockstar Games in the “Grand Theft Auto” series. It was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2004. Players control Carl “C.J.” Johnson as he unravels the plot behind his mother’s murder. Players can cheat by pressing a specific sequence of buttons on the controller during gameplay. The cheat codes cannot be entered while the game is paused.

Health Cheats

There are several different codes that can increase or alter the health of C.J. or the vehicle he is driving in “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.” Entering "R1," "R2," "L1," "X," "Left," "Down," "Right," "Up," "Left," "Down," "Right" and "Up" with the PS2 controller will restore the player and vehicle he is driving to full health. This cheat has the added benefit of giving C.J. full armor and $250,000 when used.

Entering "Down," "X," "Right," "Left," "Right," "R1," "Right," "Down," "Up" and "Triangle" will prevent C.J. from taking damage from most sources, but he will still be hurt by explosions, drowning and falling from high places. Entering "Down," "Left," "L1," "Down," "Down," "R2," "Down," "L2" and "Down" gives C.J. infinite lung capacity, which specifically prevents drowning damage.

Weapon Cheats

There are several different codes that alter C.J.’s abilities and supplies when using weapons. Entering "Down," "Square," "X," "Left," "R1," "R2," "Left," "Down," "Down," "L1," "L1" and "L1" will give the player Hitman ranking with every weapon. In “GTA: San Andreas,” Hitman status allows C.J. to use two weapons at once, doubling his rate of fire.

The player can gain infinite ammo for every weapon by entering "L1," "R1," "Square," "R1," "Left," "R2," "R1," "Left," "Square," "Down," "L1" and "L1." The player can gain Super Punch by entering "Up," "Left," "X," "Triangle," "R1," "Circle," "Circle," "Circle" and "L2."

Vehicle Spawn Codes

“Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” allows players to spawn many of the vehicles in the game using cheat codes. Each vehicle spawn code will cause a specific vehicle to appear next to C.J. when used. The code to spawn the Rhino, a tank, is "Circle," "Circle," "L1," "Circle," "Circle," "Circle," "L1," "L2," "R1," "Triangle," "Circle" and "Triangle." The code to spawn the Caddy, a golf cart, is "Circle," "L1," "Up," "R1," "L2," "X," "R1," "L1," "Circle" and "X." The code to spawn the Tanker, a 10-wheel truck, is "R1," "Up," "Left," "Right," "R2," "Up," "Right," "Square," "Right," "L2," "L1" and "L1." The code to spawn the Vortex, a hovercraft, is "Triangle," "Triangle," "Square," "Circle," "X," "L1," "L2," "Down" and "Down."