How to Check Your Master Card & Capital One Account Balances Online

By Matthew Burley

Updated September 15, 2017

More and more people are getting credit cards to pay for goods and services. They offer a level of security that cash cannot, while also providing a means to purchase goods online and over the phone. It used to be necessary to call your credit card company or wait for your statement to arrive in the mail in order to check your account balance. Fortunately, this task can be performed online for almost all credit cards, including MasterCard or Capital One accounts, provided that you have a few pieces of information available.

Find the website address of the bank or financial institution that manages your credit card account. The address for a Capital One account can be found in the References section. Other bank website addresses can be found by doing a Google search for the name of your credit card's bank, followed by the words "credit card".

Choose to create an online account. This can be done by clicking the "Enroll here" link on the Capital One account management page or by clicking a "Register" or "Create account" link on your bank's website.

Confirm that you wish to create a new online account. On the Capital One site, click the word "Enroll" next to the "Credit Cards" option.

Accept the terms and conditions of the financial institution's online account management system, then click "Continue". You will have to read through the document on the screen and check a box stating that you have read and accepted the terms.

Enter your card's information and click "Continue". The required information will include your account number (the numbers on the front of your credit card), expiration date, security code from the back signature panel, the last four digits of your social security number, and your birth date.

Provide your personal contact information. This will include your name, address, phone number, and email address. You will also be creating a username and password on this screen. Click "Continue".

Choose several security questions and answers. The account management systems are very concerned about your safety, so they will typically ask these questions anytime you sign in to your account from an unknown computer or request a forgotten password.

Make a selection regarding paperless statements. Many credit card companies offer their customers the option of receiving account statements only by email or viewing them on the account management site, as opposed to receiving a paper statement in the mail.

Proceed to your new account and view your balance. In many cases the balance is visible on the account's main menu, but you may need to click a "Manage Account" button to view your balance.