How to Complete the Black Mushroom Quest in "Diablo"

By Mara Shannon

Updated September 22, 2017

The Black Mushroom is the most complicated quest in "Diablo"; although it is not difficult, there are many steps to complete it. Of the Zhar the Mad, Black Mushroom and Anvil of Fury quests, only two will appear in any given single-player game. If the Black Mushroom quest appears in a game, it will be on Level 9. The reward is the Spectral Elixir, which increases all of your base stats by three.

Look for a mushroom patch on Level 9 of the caves. If it is there, a book, the Fungal Tome, will be nearby.

Pick up the Fungal Tome and take it to Adria. She will ask for the Black Mushroom to make a special potion.

Return to Level 9 and click on the mushroom patch. The Black Mushroom will appear.

Bring the Black Mushroom to Adria. She will ask you for a demon brain to give Pepin so he can complete an elixir that will help her finish her potion.

Return to the caves and kill a monster. It doesn't matter what kind; the first monster you kill after receiving Adria's instructions will drop a brain instead of the normal reward of gold or items.

Bring the brain to Pepin. He will give you the Spectral Elixir and ask you to take it to Adria.

Bring the Spectral Elixir to Adria. She will complain that she already finished her potion and let you keep it. The quest is now complete.


Due to the dark setting of the caves, the mushroom patch and tome is hard to spot for some players. Placing your mouse cursor over the appropriate item will highlight them, so be sure to search every nook and cranny to find both items.


Drink the Spectral Elixir immediately or it won't work.