How to Calibrate a Digital Pocket Scale

By Todd Campitelli

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Mouse pad

  • Calibration weight

To keep your digital pocket scale functioning properly, you will need to recalibrate it on occasion. While most digital pocket scales are calibrated at the factory when they are manufactured, due to the sensitivity of the instrument and the method in which they are used, you should recalibrate your scale frequently to avoid weighing errors. Each make and model of digital scale will have slightly different calibrating instructions; however, they will all follow a similar protocol. For instructions specific to your scale, check the instruction manual.

Place the pocket scale on a stable, flat surface. Use a mouse pad to protect the scale from vibrations.

Turn the scale on.

Zero the scale. You can zero out the scale while it has nothing on it by pressing either the “zero” or “tare” buttons.

Put the scale in calibration mode. The exact procedure will vary depending on your particular model, however, this often involves holding either a calibration button or a combination of weight and zero buttons.

Gently place the calibration weight on the scale. Once the scale has entered calibration, the display should indicate that it is ready to be calibrated. With the weight on the digital scale, either enter in the weight from the calibration weight, or if using a weight supplied with the unit, this value is often pre-programmed.

Lock in the calibration by pressing either the enter key or calibration keys.

Turn the unit off, remove the calibration weight, and turn it back on.

Re-zero the empty scale if necessary.


It is always best to use the calibration weight that is supplied with your unit if it came with one. If after calibration, the scale still does not red properly, repeat the calibration steps.


It is important to keep the scale steady and vibration free, especially when calibrating. Avoid dropping, knocking or shaking your digital scale. To get the most accurate measurements, try to use the scale away from cellular phones or other electronic devices