How to Remove the Time & Date Stamp From a Digital Photo

By Ashley Bustamante

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Digital photos

  • Photo editing software that has a clone or rubber stamp tool

Having the date and time stamped right across the front of a photo can not only block elements of the photo, but cause it to look cheap and unprofessional as well. If you want your photos to look clean and professional, the time and date need to be removed. There are two ways this can be done--by cropping, or by using a clone or rubber stamp tool in digital editing software.

Using the Clone or Rubber Stamp Tool

Acquire a digital photo. This can be done either by transferring images from a digital camera or by scanning a photo into your computer.

Open the photo in your editing software.

Zoom in on the area with the date and time stamp.

Select the cloning or rubber stamp tool.

Set the area in the photo for the tool to copy. Chose a spot in the photo that resembles what is being blocked by the date and time stamp. For example, if the stamp is blocking part of someone's pants, select a similar area on their pants and copy that.

Click on the area of the date and time stamp you want to patch with your copied selection. This should cover it with a duplicate of the area you previously selected.

Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you have completely covered the date and time stamp.


Open the image in your editing software.

Click on the object selection tool. In some programs it is referred to as the rectangular marquee tool or rectangular selection tool. The icon is usually shown as a rectangle or square with a dotted outline and is typically located on the standard toolbar.

Create a rectangle with the selection tool over the area of the photo you would like to keep. For example, if you have a full-body photograph of a person but would just like to include their face, use the selection tool to select only their face. This is normally done by clicking on the top left corner of where you would like to begin your selection, holding down the left mouse button, and then dragging the marquee at a diagonal, vertically, or to the right until you have the size you desire.

Copy your selection and paste it into a new document. It should now be cropped the way you wish, but if you are unhappy with it you may need to try again. Sometimes it takes practice to get the proper area selected.

Save the photo.


You can use the brush tool to touch up areas of your photo that might not have cloned smoothly.


Always make sure you have the copyrights to photos before editing them. Save cropped and edited photos as new file names so that you don't save over the original.