How to Play PS2 Game on PSP

By Matthew Burley

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Location Free Base Station

  • Sony PSX

  • PS2 game

  • Sony PSP

The Sony PSP is a handheld gaming device that allows users to play games, watch videos and listen to music. There have been updates to the device that allow for remote play with the PS3, but the titles available through that method are minimal and don't include any PS2 titles. While gamers are typically restricted to games that have been designed specifically for the PSP, it is possible to play PS2 games on the device with the aid of a Location Free Base Station and a Sony PSX.

Install the software for the Location Free Base Station on your home computer. This will allow you to use the Location Free Base Station to stream to any broadband connected computer or PSP in the world.

Connect the Location Free Base Station to your PSX with a USB cable.

Turn on your PSX and insert a PS2 game disc.

Upload the PS2 game to the PSX hard drive when prompted.

Turn on your PSP and verify that your device can recognize the Location Free Base Station. If it does not recognize it initially, you will need to sync the PSP with the Base Station by pressing the "Setup Mode" button on the back of the Location Free Base Station.

Select your PSX from the cross media bar on your PSP.

Navigate, through the PSX menu on your PSP to the PS2 game you uploaded to your PSX in Step 4 and start playing it.


This will only work with a PSX because of its ability to store PS2 game data directly on a hard drive. Connecting a PS2 to the Location Free Base Station will not allow you to stream games to your PSP.


The PSX was only released in Japan. Gamers in the United States may be able to obtain one, but it may prove to be difficult.

Your Base Station will need to be left on whenever you wish to play a PS2 game on your PSP.