How to Print IRS Form 1099 From Excel

By Najla A.Y. Slowe

Updated September 15, 2017

When most people refer to the 1099 form, they are speaking of the 1099-Misc form that is given to non-employees or subcontractors by employers. The form documents how much money non-employees have been paid for their services and is used for federal income tax purposes. This form cannot be printed in Microsoft Excel. It is a document that must be filled out from the Internal Revenue Service. It is important to complete a scannable form from the IRS or they will assess a fine.

Form 1099-Misc

Go to,,id=109302,00.html. This page features many publications and forms that can be viewed. Click on the Form 1099 misc hyperlink to be directed to the page,

This form can be printed for review but cannot be used. The IRS charges a $50 fine for forms that are mailed to them that are not scannable. To prevent this charge, order the form you need from their website,,,id=23108,00.html.

To order the scannable form, call (800) Tax-Form (1-800-829-3676) or order the form directly from their website.

The form can be filled out by the employer following the instructions as detailed at A tax professional can be consulted for assistance.