How to Set Up a Wii Wireless Infrared Bar

By Shea Laverty

Updated September 22, 2017

While the standard Nintendo Wii sensor bar features a small wire that connects to the console, wireless sensor bars have no need for it. The cable is only to provide power to the bar, so there's no need to worry about syncing when setting up your wireless bar. The most important things during setup of a wireless bar is ensuring you have some fresh batteries and knowing where to set it.

Above or Below TV

Wireless or otherwise, the Wii sensor bar can be placed above or below the TV during setup. The bar should be set at the center of the screen, and as close to the TV's border as possible. When you first start up the Wii and run its initial setup process, you will be prompted to input where the sensor bar has been placed. This is so the Wii can set the remotes on how to read the infrared signal set by the bar and interpret it into motion correctly.

Wall Mounting

Wireless sensor bars have the advantage of being wall-mountable, addressing an issue wired sensor bars have when paired with wall mounted TVs that don't have a spot for the bar to sit. Most should have grooves on the back designed to be held by nails, screws or pins while any wireless sensor bar can be adhered to the wall with double-sided tape.