How to Use Medusa's Gaze in God of War

By Danny Djeljosevic

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • TV

  • PlayStation 2 video game system (or PlayStation 3) with controller

  • "God of War" video game

In the PlayStation 2 video game "God of War" the hero Kratos can use the disembodied head of Medusa to temporarily turn enemies into stone. By collecting red orbs from places such as treasure chests and boss battles, players can upgrade the weapon to enhance its abilities to include three moves: Gorgon Torment, Gorgon Flash and Gorgon Rage.

Using Gorgon Torment

Equip Medusa's Gaze as a weapon.

Hold L2 and the Square button at the same time, aiming the ensuing beam at an enemy until it turns to stone and freezes in place.

Immediately strike the enemy until it shatters.

Using Gorgon Flash

Press L2 and Triangle at the same time. The enemy should instantly turn to stone.

Press L2 and Triangle again if the enemy does not turn to stone on the first try. It may be powerful enough to withstand the initial attack.

If the enemy is in the air, press the X button to jump and press L2 while in the air to freeze the opponent.

Using Gorgon Rage

Wait for a group of enemies to accumulate on the screen.

Hold L2 and the Circle button at the same time. The weapon should emit a large wave that freezes all enemies on the screen.

Strike the enemies quickly to shatter them.


When an enemy is turned to stone, it is also susceptible to attacks from other enemies, sometimes saving you the trouble. Smashing a frozen enemy awards an additional 15 red orbs while freezing a flying enemy and causing it to shatter when it crashes to the ground awards 30 red orbs.


Gorgon Torment is the only possible attack until a player willingly upgrades the weapon. Gorgon Flash requires 3,000 orbs to upgrade while Gorgon Rage requires 7,500 orbs. The attacks do not work on Gorgons or on boss characters. Enemies must be attacked quickly after being turned to stone, as the effects of Medusa's Gaze are temporary. Additionally, stronger enemies require more time to be affected by the attack, so Medusa's Gaze may work best when done from a distance.