How to Edit MP3 Files

by Tammy Clevenger ; Updated September 22, 2017

MP3 files are aggregated versions of several tracks of audio data. In other words, when music is recorded, each sound source is recorded to a separate track of audio. When converted to an MP3 file, these tracks are combined into one audio track, decreasing file size and compressing the data. For this reason, individual tracks of MP3s may not be edited or deleted. Deleting, for example, the vocals from an MP3 is not possible. For this task, the user would need to have access to the source files containing the individual audio tracks. However, MP3s may be altered in a few ways: The volume may be increased or decreased; the file may be split or cropped; and file size may be changed. A useful tool for accomplishing these tasks is available in Media-Convert. The free application requires no additional software installation, as it is available via the Web.

Click the Windows “Start” button and select the program icon for a Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Enter the Web address for the Media-Convert application (see Resources) into the browser address bar.

Select the desired MP3 input file by clicking on the “Browse” button, going to the file and double-clicking on the MP3's file name.

Select “MPEG-3 (.mp3)” from the “Input format” box on the right.

Select “No Video Preset” and “MPEG-3 (.mp3)” for the “Output format” fields.

Scroll down the page to the section labeled “Advanced Settings.”

Select the “Split” option to crop or divide the MP3.

Enter the start and end times into the input boxes to spit or crop the MP3.

Click the “Sound Volume” drop-down box and select an option to increase or decrease the volume of the MP3.

Click the “Audio Quality” drop-down box to increase the file size and quality of the MP3.

Click the “OK” icon on the right of the page above the “Advanced Settings” section to edit the MP3 according to the specified options.

Test the edited MP3 file in a compatible MP3 player.


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