How to Unlock Your Computer

by Bennett GavrishUpdated September 28, 2017

Depending on the security configuration of your PC computer, your system may lock itself after a period of inactivity. To unlock the computer, you can simply press the \"control,\" \"alt\" and \"delete\" keys and then log back in to the computer. However, if you want to avoid this in the future and permanently unlock your computer, you can modify the registry and disable the system lock security feature.

Log on to your PC computer with an account that has administrative privileges.

Open the “Start” menu and click on the \"Run\" icon.

Type “regedit” into the text box and hit “OK” to launch the Registry Editor utility program.

Use the database tree on the left side of the window to navigate to the HKEY_USERS.Default\Control Panel\Desktop directory.

Highlight the “Scrnsave.exe” entry in the middle of the window.

Go to the “Edit” menu at the top of the window and choose “String.” Then type “logon.scr” and click “OK.”

Select the “ScreenSaverIsSecure” entry and choose “String” again from the “Edit” menu. Enter “0” in the pop-up window and hit “OK” to save the settings and permanently unlock your computer.


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