How to Use WordPad for Envelopes & Labels

By Melissa Vega

Updated September 28, 2017

Using WordPad for envelope and label projects can be a simple task with the right knowledge. WordPad has an available page setup specifically formatted for printing envelopes, but a little innovation is required for printing labels. If you are unfamiliar with WordPad, it can be frustrating and sometimes discouraging if the correct parameters are not set before beginning a project. WordPad will allow you to type continuously because it is an editing program.

Open WordPad to a blank document. Before you begin the project, you must set the parameters for the document. Keep in mind the limits are set for a successful printing so you will not see the actual parameters when entering the data.

Click on the "File" icon, located in the top toolbar. In the drop-down menu, choose "Page Setup." A window will appear with a sample image of text on a sheet of paper and three sections titled paper, orientation and margins.

Choose the "Number 10 envelope" in the size bar located within the paper section for an envelope project or choose "3.5 by 5 inch" for a label project. In the source bar, it should say sheet; this will remain as sheet even for printing an envelope. The orientation section should say portrait; this should be changed to landscape for both projects. The margins section should be left alone. Click "OK," and the box should close.

Type the name of the person or organization the envelope is from on the first line. Enter and type the mailing address on the second and third lines. When the third line is complete, press "Enter" five times. Tab over to the right 10 times and begin typing the name of the recipient of the envelope. Enter and tab over again to type the address. For a label, simply type the pertinent information within the first six lines, whether it is an address label, a CD label or a box label.

Preview the document before printing by clicking on the "File" icon and choosing the "Print Preview" option in the drop-down menu. Once all the information is completed and within the specified areas, click "Print," and your project will print.


The specified number of tabs and returns can be adjusted if more than three lines exist in the address.