How to Get Free Minutes for Boost Mobile Phones

By Maxwell Payne

Updated September 28, 2017

Boost Mobile is a prepaid cellular phone service. Prepaid cell phone services generally require the user to buy refill cards that add a set number of minutes to the account. These minutes get depleted as the cell phone is used (see Reference 1).

You have to pay in set increments for a certain amount of minutes. For example, you might pay $20 for X amount of minutes and the ability to use text messaging. Sometimes bonus minutes are offered as well as the chance to get free minutes.

Call Boost Mobile customer service at 1-888-BOOST-4U to speak to a customer service representative.

Tell the representative that you found a cheaper phone plan or that you are no longer happy with your Boost Mobile account. Sometimes the representative will offer to add minutes to your account for free. They may also offer to upgrade you at a discount to a Boost Mobile Unlimited plan where minute usage is not limited. These options may be offered in an attempt to keep you from leaving the service.

Look for special Boost Mobile offers for frequent "re-boosting" (the term for adding minutes to a Boost account). For example, Boost may from time to time offer specials where if you purchase X amount of re-boosts in a certain timeframe you will get X amount of bonus minutes.

Ask family and friends for Boost Mobile re-boost cards for holidays or birthdays. Existing Boost users can "gift" minutes directly to another Boost user's account through Boost's official website. The website is available in the Reference section of this article.


Do not threaten or harass the Boost Mobile representatives. They are not required to take verbal abuse or honor requests for free minutes.