How to Watch First Run Movies Online for Free

by eHow Contributor ; Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • internet connection faster the better

  • mozilla firefox

I found a movie website where you can actually watch movies that are still on at the theater for free. Usually the movies appear on this website within a week of them premiering in theatres

load Mozilla Firefox if you don't have it on your computer already

Decide what movie you would enjoy watching and write that down on a piece of paper.

Make certain your virus software is working at one hundred percent.

Get your refreshments ready and find some very comfortable chairs around your computer monitor to enjoy the movie you would like to see

Warning this site is in another country and you might want to make sure that it is legal to view this website in your place of residence.

This website does get hacked from time to time but I have been using it for awhile and haven't gotten any virus at all. It would be a great idea to just close the browser if something funny happens


  • Remember to view this website on Mozilla Foxfire it doesn't work well with any of the other browsers I have tried to use. Usually movies are on this website within a week or so after they premier. There is a search tool that you can follow or type the title of the movies you are interesting in watching. The last time I checked there were over one thousand movies to view.


  • I personally would not download a movie from anywhere I advise strongly against doing so I also strongly suggest you check the laws in your local area to make sure you aren't violating any of those laws. If you find out you are good to go click the link below.

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