How to Change Verizon Phones

by Meaghan EllisUpdated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Verizon phone

  • Phone's ESN or HEX Number

  • Verzion calling place

  • Verizon account holder Information

When changing phones in the Verzion network, you are moving the mobile number from the phone it is currently active on, to another phone. If you choose to go in a Verizon store, or complete the process online or over the phone, it only takes few minutes. The process simply requires an ESN or HEX change to transfer the number to another phone. As long as you have Verizon account holder's information, this process will not be complicated at all.

Record the current cell phone's ESN or HEX number. This number is usually located on the back of the phone, above or below the number's bar-code. Power the phone off, and take the back cover off of the phone. Detach the battery from the phone, and the ESN or HEX number will be visible, along with the bar-code. Write these numbers down, as they will be needed for customer service to change the Verizon phone.

Contact Verzion customer service. Dial (800) 922-0204 from a different cell phone or landline phone.

Use the Verizon automated system for direction to the right department so the Verizon phone can be changed. When you contact Verizon Customer Service, the first response you will hear will be automated. You will be prompted to press a numeric option in the phone's keypad to be sent to the correct department. Choose the technical service or assistance option, by pressing its number in the phone's keypad. No specific numbers are given, because the Verizon automated service options are updated periodically.

Provide account holder information for the Verizon phone you are trying to change. When you have been transferred to a Verizon representative, you will be prompted to provide certain information about the account for the current Verizon phone so the representative can verify your identity, and access the account. (In most cases, this information will consist of the correct cell phone number, account holder's name, address and last four Social Security number digits.

Request an ESN or HEX change. Whn you've provided this information, request an ESN or MEID change to change the current Verizon phone to another. Follow the Verizon representative's instructions and prompts to complete the change process.


Calling customer service is highly recommended. It is the best way to avoid an immediate charge for changing Verizon phones.


Be advised that a charge will be incurred for changing Verizon phones. Whenever you move a Verizon cell phone number from one mobile device to another, you will be charged. This charge will appear on your next bill in the amount of $15. This is not an upfront charge, unless you go into a Verizon store to have a technician physically change your number to a different Verizon phone.

Never call customer service from the Verizon phone you are planning to transfer the number. This can cause several complications with changing the number, the phone, and making sure the call is not dropped during the process.


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