Cheats for Sudden Strike 3 PC Game

By Raphael Garcia

Updated September 22, 2017

The Sudden Strike series of video games are real-time strategy games that were released for the PC. These games are set in scenarios that took place during World War II. You can play as one of three armies--the Allied Forces, Soviets or Germans--and order selected units to complete mission objectives. There are certain cheats to help gamers in Sudden Strike 3.

Cheat Codes

You can enter any of these codes to affect game play. These codes are only available for use during the single-player campaign mode. To input any of these codes, first press the “enter” button which will open up the entry menu.

God Mode: This code (**superman) gives all of your units invulnerability. No matter what type of attack they come against, they will not suffer any damage.

Show Map: Revealing the whole stage map (**nofog) can give you a planning advantage. Use this code and you will be able to see were all the enemy units are placed.

Hide Map: This code (**staticfog) does the opposite of the show map cheat. You can cover the map with fog once you locate all of the enemy units.

Extra Aircraft Units: You can use this code (**starcraft) to bring more bombers and spy planes to your army, without having to wait to build them. These units are very effective at locating the enemy then destroying large groups.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional hints for playing through some of the battles in Sudden Strike 3:

Start with supply bases and generators to help speed up the process of building other structures. Next, go to a Land Command center, Vehicle Yard and Infantry Base to create fighting units. Create a Land Strategy center and turn on all the available options. Then, create the Air and Sea base to give yourself access to all the available units.