How to Reset Factory Settings on a Nikon D200

By Gwen Wark

Updated September 22, 2017

The Nikon D200 is a sturdy and practical camera body with a wide range of options. These options allow the photographer greater artistic control over the image. During the course of working with a Nikon D200 it may be necessary to restore the camera to factory settings, either to resolve an error or to easily make new changes from a fresh starting point. Nikon has made the process of restoring factory settings both quick and easy, which allows a photographer to perform this task without interrupting his workflow.

Locate the buttons marked "QUAL" and "+/-." These buttons will have a green dot next to them.

Press and hold the "QUAL" and "+/-" buttons simultaneously until the LCD screen blinks. This indicates factory settings have been restored.

Reset options such as ISO, white balance and file size before continuing work.


Restoring the camera quickly does not reset the shutter actuation count; there is no option to do this on a Nikon D200.