How to Watch Live TV on the Internet

by Rick RadcliffUpdated September 22, 2017

There are several reasons you may prefer to watch live television over the Internet instead of cable or satellite. The main reason may be that you can often watch channels not provided by your cable or satellite provider. For example, many foreign news stations are not covered in a typical provider’s package, but you can easily find them online. The same is true for sports fans. If you’re a fan of a sports team from a distant city, you might not be able to see all the games you want unless you stream the games live on your computer.

Find a website that streams live television. Refer to the resources section of this article, where you can find a few websites that offer this service.

Navigate the web site looking for what you want. For example, World Wide Internet Television (WWITV) puts their shows into categories like entertainment, education and news. Click on a category for a list of channels offered in that category. Then click on a channel you want to watch.

Play the channel. Continuing to use WWITV as an example, once you click on a channel, a video player opens. Simply click the play button to begin viewing. When you click the play button on a channel you want to watch, it often opens in a new window. Don’t be too quick to think that it’s an advertisement.


Streaming live television requires a fast connection. It is recommended you have a broadband connection to stream live TV.


Avoid sites that make you download software before you can stream live TV. Some of these are legit, but many are not.


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