How to Reach Icon Status in Def Jam Icon

By Carlos Soto

Updated September 22, 2017

In addition to its frantic one-on-one fighting modes, “Def Jam: Icon” for the Xbox 360 and PS3 also contains a Build-a-Label mode. Players can create a character and rise through the hip-hop ranks, from low-level hustler to rap icon. In order to reach the heights of fame and fortune, players must manage their income flow, market their music, increase their style level, keep their crew satisfied and beat down any opposition. Reaching Icon status will unlock the powerful Jah Breaka fighting style.

Create your character at the start of the game. You can alter your character’s looks to your liking, but choose your fighting style wisely. Consider each style’s strengths and weaknesses and choose a style that suits your manner of playing. If you like to focus on scratching, for example, choose the Street Kwon Do style.

Defeat rival characters in fights. Master combo attacks, grabs and environmental hazards to gain an edge in fights. Winning fights is crucial to increasing your icon level.

Say “Yes” to your crew’s emailed requests to raise their satisfaction levels. Talent with high satisfaction levels will be much more productive.

Spend most of your pre-release money on marketing and airplay. This will increase your song recognition faster, which in turn will increase your sales and income level. You will need to earn at least five million dollars to reach Icon status.

Increase your style level to climb further in the rankings. Perform taunts during fights to earn style points. Spend money to keep your girlfriends’ satisfaction levels high, which will also increase your style. You will need at least 500,000 style points to reach Icon status.