How to Build Decks in Sims 2

By Dan Chruscinski

Updated September 22, 2017

Don't keep your Sims cooped up inside when they can enjoy the beautiful weather common in The Sims 2. Build a deck around your house and let your Sims throw parities or invite friends of for a barbecue. The Sims 2 features a foundation and deck building system that allows players to easily build outdoor platforms attached to their existing houses or anywhere else they choose. These decks can then be customized with fences and flooring to add that personal touch.

Start your game in the Sims 2. You can choose from a new game or load one of your saved games, as decks can be built off an existing house or on a clear piece of land.

Click on “Build Mode” from the menu at the bottom of the screen. You can also access this mode by pressing F3 on your keyboard.

Choose the “Terrain” icon from the building menu. The icon is that of a shovel. A selection of options will appear to the right. Choose “Level Terrain”.

Locate the area you wish to build the deck on. If you're building it on a clean lot, include the area where you want to build the house when you're leveling the terrain. Left-click and drag your mouse to complete the leveling of the area.

Return to the building menu and select the “Foundations and Deck” icon; it looks like a stack of bricks. Choose the deck that appeals to you from the top row of the menu that appears.

Choose the starting point of your deck. For example, if you're building the deck off of an existing house, choose a corner of the house. Press and hold the left mouse button and drag your mouse to create the deck.

Create angled areas on your deck by choosing the diagonal foundation tool from the deck menu. Place the box over the area you want to transform into an angle and hold down the Ctrl key. Click the left mouse button and your deck will now have a decorative angle.

Select the “Floor” icon from the building menu to choose a different covering for your deck. You can lay down the flooring by holding the Shift key and clicking any spot on your deck.

Build a fence around your deck using the “Fence” icon. Click and drag your mouse around the perimeter of your deck to create a fence of your choosing.


You can build decks separate from the house; just make sure to include stairs so Sims and enter and exit the area.

Add seating, tables and outdoor cooking objects to keep your Sims entertained while using the deck.