Blurry Screen Monitor Troubleshooting

by Jason ArtmanUpdated September 28, 2017

A computer display might have a blurry appearance for several reasons, and virtually all of them can be fixed by the end user. Avoid a costly repair bill by learning how to fix a blurry computer display.

Basic Troubleshooting and Software Issues

Before delving too deeply into the troubleshooting process, make sure that the surface of your monitor is clean. You might be surprised by the resulting improvement in image quality. Clean your monitor using a lint-free microfiber cloth moistened with a little distilled water.

Is the entire display blurry, or is it just the desktop wallpaper? If your background image is blurry but the text is clear, the resolution of your desktop wallpaper is too low for your screen. When the wallpaper is expanded to fill your screen, it becomes blurry due to the quality of the original image.

Are you using an LCD display? Although LCD monitors are superior to old-fashioned CRTs in nearly every way, every LCD screen has what is called a "native resolution." At any resolution other than the native resolution, the image will look blurry because the monitor will scale it to fit the whole screen. Check the instruction manual for your monitor to learn the native resolution, and run your display at this resolution whenever possible for best quality.

Hardware Issues

Depending on the type of monitor that you are using, the connection to the computer may cause the image to become blurry. If you are using a CRT, which uses an analog connection to the computer, signal strength is extremely important for the best possible image quality. Use the best VGA cable that you can afford, and ensure that it is securely connected to both the computer and to the back of the monitor.

If you are using an LCD display with a VGA connection, the image quality may be disappointing because an LCD is inherently digital and VGA connections are analog. Therefore, a conversion has to be performed by the monitor, which can result in a blurry image. If your computer has a digital (DVI) connection on the back, use this connection for your LCD display.

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